Residential Window Tinting

Expert Home Window Tinting Film Installation

Windows are the gateway to beautiful views and uplifting natural light, but with the positives come some hindrances, including wince-inducing glare, uncomfortable heat pockets and harmful UV rays. Home window tinting film installation is a great, budget-friendly way to protect your house, lower energy bills and ensure maximum comfort for your family.

Cut Costs By Keeping Comfortable

Looking to minimize your monthly cooling costs? Our films are designed to block unwanted solar heat from entering through your windows, successfully maintaining a perfect room temperature, diminishing undesired heat distribution and giving your HVAC systems a break.

Protect What's Most Precious To You

Home window films do more than just eliminate glare – they can also help prevent crime by holding glass together in the event of an attempted break-in. As an intruder looks to breach your perimeter, the films will remain in tact and further frustrate the would-be burglar to the point of giving up. This sticky defensive barrier will deter the criminal who isn’t looking to stick around for the cops to show!

Gone Are The Days Of Fading

Your home is your kingdom; you shouldn’t have to worry about the sun making furnishings, floors and decorations dull and sun-damaged. Our window tinting films are designed to block upwards of 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, ensuring longevity and preservation of your interior. Artwork, furniture, fabrics, hardwood – they’re all safe from the sun with SolarTex!

We're Here To Throw Shade – In the Best Way

Throughout our 35-year tenure, we’ve built a reputation of excellence, professionalism and longevity everywhere we’ve completed projects – from Central Ohio to the Queen City. This dedication to quality, coupled with our expert installation team, makes SolarTex the best home window tint provider in town!

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