Window Tint Film Installation Cincinnati, Ohio

SolarTex’s window tinting films are specifically designed to reject solar heat, boost security and reduce fading of your interior furnishings. Perfect for all seasons, these films allow the right amount of light in while blocking harmful UV rays and reducing your monthly energy bills. Enjoy the outdoor views, decrease your environmental impact and increase the comfort of everyone inside your home or commercial building today!

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Reduce Energy Costs at Home with Residential Window Film

Have a lot of windows? Are rising HVAC costs hurting your wallet? Sick of everyone in your household messing with the thermostat because their room is too hot or too cold? Window tint film could be the answer to your temperamental temperature-based woes. Our high performance window films are capable of rejecting almost 80% of all heat that would normally find its way through the windows. They also help even out the temperature of an entire space, ridding you of hot and cold anomalies throughout the room – great news for your energy bills and comfort levels.

Commercial Window Tinting: Bolster Office Security & Privacy

LLumar window films act as an extra line of defense against vandalism and break-ins. Should a criminal attempt to intrude, they will be met with an unforeseen layer of heavy duty vinyl, which will either slow them down greatly or deter them altogether. Should Mother Nature institute a little chaos in the form of hail or dangerously high winds, these films will keep any broken glass contained, making clean-up safe and simple. Additionally, your business or organization can openly demonstrate its environmental protection leadership and potentially earn LEED credits with the installation of window tint films!

Increasing UV Protection, Glare Reduction & Overall Comfort

Window tinting film offers a simple solution to most of your in-home or in-office daily comfort concerns. This line of window film allows you to minimize annoying solar glare, successfully reducing eye strain, and increasing comfort. Enjoy the added comfort that comes with our window films while also achieving up to 99.9% UVA and UVB ray reduction – the same harmful rays that can cause cancer and damage fabrics and artwork.

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