Window Tinting

Window Tint Film Installation Cincinnati, Ohio

SolarTex’s window tinting films are specifically designed to reject solar heat, boost security and reduce fading of your interior furnishings. Perfect for all seasons, these films allow the right amount of light in while blocking harmful UV rays and lowering your monthly energy bills. Enjoy the outdoor views, decrease your environmental impact and increase the comfort of everyone inside your home or commercial building today!



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Residential Window Film

If you love your windows but are frustrated by sun damage on your floor and furnishings, rising energy costs, and uncomfortable glare, we can help! Our window films reduce costly fading of your furnishings, cut down on energy costs and reduce harsh glare while maintaining the open feel the glass provides

Commercial Window Tinting

New trends in architecture are including large amounts of glass in new buildings due to the benefits of visible light including many on health and wellness. Often, occupants discover the downside and realize they have a problem with temperature hot and cold spots and sun glare, making working conditions uncomfortable. We can help you fully enjoy the benefits of your windows without by limiting the amount of heat and glare without covering the glass with unsightly blinds or draperies. In addition, if you occupy an older building, we can upgrade the energy performance of the windows without costly replacement.

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