Safety Glass Film

Safety & Security Glass Film Cincinnati, Ohio

Let’s face it: humans and Mother Nature are equally unpredictable. Instead of worrying about potential break-ins or costly natural disaster damages, you can rest assured knowing that safety window film is protecting you, your windows and your property 24/7/365. Transform your windows from “weakest link” to “extra layer of defense.”

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An Extra Line of Defense for Your Commercial Assets

Our safety window films can frustrate robbers, fend off criminals and protect your property in the event of an attempted break-in. The heavy-duty polyester of our security window films has the ability to keep your glass intact, making unwarranted entry to your office building or facility incredibly difficult. In fact, this unforeseen line of defense can foil a criminal’s attempt to the point of walking away from the situation.

The best part? Our experienced installation professionals ensure flawless, seamless implementation of these films. You won’t even know it’s there!

Insecure No More: Cost Effective Home Protection

There’s nothing like the unpredictable nature of Cincinnati weather! On any given day, we can have snow, sun, gale force winds or hail the size of golf balls. When severe weather breaks and storms hit, Mother Nature can leave a home broken. Unprotected glass can break and dangerous shards can be littered around your residence. Don’t risk injury to the folks inside or for anyone performing clean-up duties. Protect your loved ones and your property with LLumar Safety and Security Window Films by SolarTex.

Saving Face with Anti-Graffiti Film

Those villainous vandals and their cans of spray paint will stop at nothing to deface public and private property. However, you can protect yourself from their “colorful” brand of illegal activity by installing anti-graffiti film. This product creates a versatile barrier between your property and the spray can or chisel. Our graffiti window films are gouge-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to remove in the event of vandalism. If you have street-level exterior glass, interior glass, easily-accessible mirrors or stainless steel surfaces, this product could be your greatest protection against senseless property damage.


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