The Answers to All of Your Window Film Questions

Throughout our 35+ years in the industry, we have heard just about every question there is about window film and window film installation. To improve transparency and dispel any would-be misconceptions, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our products, our process and SolarTex, as a company. Have a question that isn’t answered below?

Can Window Film Help Me Save On Monthly Energy Bills?

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By virtue of being an additional physical barrier, window films can help reduce energy costs by blocking unwanted heat during warmer months and keeping the warm inside when it is cold outside. These films also work to eliminate unwanted hot and colds spots in a room, helping to reduce excess use of HVAC systems and prolonging their  life cycle.

Does Window Film Installation Void My Existing Window Warranty?

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In most cases, yes. Window manufacturers will void their warranty, viewing viewing film as a “modification to their product.” However, if you have a warranty in place, LLumar (our preferred supplier) offers a comparable warranty that matches the exact terms and conditions of your current window warranty.

Can I Just Get Films from Walmart or Home Depot?

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Yes, but we do not recommend DIY window film installation. Why? Film and glass film installation can be quite complex and cumbersome. Without experience handling the product, your films may not look seamless – instead, they’ll appear uneven and distracting. Also, not all products are created equal! LLumar makes a very high quality product with a reliable warranty are key components to any home improvement purchase. Working with a longstanding, knowledgeable company with an experience installation team is the way to go when considering window film.

I Was Told My New Windows Came With Solar Protection. Why Would I Need More?

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Modern advances in green energy and sustainability have been made with Low-E windows; however, these only block a portion of damaging UV rays. Window films block upwards of 99.9% of this harmful radiation.

Decorative Films vs. Etched or Sandblasted Glass

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Decorative films, while similar in appearance, offer many advantages over traditional etched or sandblasted glass. For starters, films are generally significantly less expensive than traditional glass altering treatments. They are also stronger, more durable, easier to clean, highly customizable and removable. In many cases, decorative films are now specified by architects over traditional acid etching or sandblasting techniques.

Can Decorative Window Films Be Customized by Shape/Pattern/Text?

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Yes – many of these films are designed with customization in mind and can be cut into any shape. Decorative films are useful for branding, mission statements, motivational signage or any imaginative shape and pattern design.

Can Window Films Be Printed On & Then Applied to the Glass or Wall?

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Many types of decorative window film can be printed on, adding almost endless customization possibilities for your home, office or other settings. Certain films can also act as one-way viewing films, allowing people inside to see out while appearing as an image to the outside.

Can I Remove These Films After Application

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Absolutely. Should the needs of your space change, these films can be removed, returning the area back into its original appearance without damaging the glass. Our team specializes in the installation of window films – but we can also take them off!

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