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The decorative window films advantage is as clear as day! You can easily add privacy and security to your home or office while exponentially enhancing the visual appeal. Our vinyls and films look exactly like actual etched and sandblasted glass, but they can be seamlessly removed at any time. They are strong, durable, easy to clean and customizable!

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Beautiful Privacy for Both Homes & Businesses

Decorative window films are the perfect solution for your home or commercial office setting – that is if you’re looking to boost privacy while also enhancing visual appeal. LLumar makes an exceptional line of films and vinyls that come in a wide array of shades, styles and colors, offering a custom cut option for just about any interior and exterior application. Find the perfect equilibrium of style and privacy. Get in touch with SolarTex, Inc. and discover your options!

The Perks of Decorative Films for Your Windows

  • Create your signature look and boost your brand upon first glance.
  • Diffuse sunlight or enhance the natural exposure to your advantage.
  • Cut down on harmful ultra-violet rays and protect everyone inside your property.
  • Decrease distractions when you apply patterned window film to a conference room setting.
  • Keep your long-term design options open by opting for films instead of physically etched glass.
  • Ensure effortless elegance and enhanced aesthetic appeal with seamless installation from SolarTex.

Luxurious Security: Frosted Glass Window Film Installation

Tactfully increase the privacy of your residence or office without decreasing the warm sense of welcome to visitors with etched glass window film! LLumar Frosted Glass Films allow you to add a sense of style and modern design to your window, successfully making a lasting first impression.

Etched-look vinyl instantly says “luxury,” but it also spells “added line of protection.” In the event of vandalism or natural disaster damages, custom window film will keep your glass intact and make clean-up simple and safe. These films can also be removed without a trace, should you decide you want to replace your current decorative film with a different design later on down the road!

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