Residential Decorative Film

Where Proactive Privacy Meets Effortless Elegance

Decorative home window films are an excellent, lower-budget way to improve your property’s perceived value and increase privacy in a residential setting. SolarTex offers an array of different designs, styles, textures and colors for you to choose from. Ready to start your project and get the vibes just right at home?

Seamless Security & Boosted Curb Appeal

While home decorative window films have an obvious aesthetic allure, they also add another layer protection to your residence – in more ways than one.  These films use a unique adhesive that can double as a protective barrier against break-ins, successfully deterring criminals from entering and frustrating them to the point of forfeit.

When Mother Nature Calls, These Films Answer

Window film exists to keep more than just nosy neighbors out of your business! Whether it be the whipping winter winds, early spring hail or any other natural nefarious force that can damage windows, home window films will keep shattered glass in place, making clean-up and repair significantly easier.

Bringing It Home With SolarTex in Cincinnati

Since 1985, we have perfected the art of home window film installation. Our team has completed a countless number of residential projects and continues to add to its impressive portfolio every day. We pride ourselves on each project we take part it and cannot wait to deliver an end product that you can be proud of every time you come home!

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Have additional questions regarding our decorative home window films, installation services and customization capabilities?