Frosted & Etched-Glass Window Film: Beauty Without Breaking The Bank

With SolarTex, you don’t have to undergo grandiose change to achieve elegance!  Adhesive free, frosted window films offer lower-budget luxury with a high-end appeal. Are you ready to boost the allure of your space for a fraction of the cost?

The Perfect Combination of Privacy & Fashion

While the surface value of frosted window film is easily identifiable by just about any passerby, there are two byproducts of these types of projects that may go overlooked initially: privacy and security. These unique films provide an added barrier between customers and confidential conversations in a commercial setting while keeping nosy neighbors out of your business at home in a glamorous manner.

Couple these under-the-radar benefits with expert installation and you now have a seamless shield between you and unwanted outside attention!

Custom Print Film & Graphic Films

SolarTex keeps a complete catalog of frosted window film designs for clients to choose from. However, every once in a while, we meet someone who wants something a little different for their space- an outside-the-box aesthetic that no one else has. For these folks, we offer our custom graphic print film services, available upon request!

Have additional questions about our frosted glass and etched glass window films? Looking to start your own project?

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