Commercial Decorative Film

Building Your Brand, One Window At A Time

Designed to stimulate the senses and improve the aesthetic appeal of an office space, our decorative window films are available in a number of different styles, colors and textures – whatever is necessary to meet the unique needs of your commercial setting. Not only does SolarTex offer an array of engaging designs to choose from (including custom options), our team also specializes in the seamless installation of these films.

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Most Popular Applications of Decorative Films Include:

  • Mission statements
  • Privacy in public areas, individual offices & bathrooms
  • Logos & branding
  • Ornamental stripes, dots & other unique designs
  • Motivational messaging

Where We Most Often Install Our Films:

  • Conference rooms
  • Front doors & entrance ways
  • Medical offices & healthcare facilities
  • Waiting rooms & lobbies
  • Office bathrooms
  • Partitions

A 24/7 Extension Of Your Team

Decorative window films act as a constant brand ambassador for your company. Donning your brand’s colors and broadcasting your core message visually, this tangible display makes for an unforgettable initial impression for first-time visitors and an everyday motivational reminder to the employees who get work done within those walls.

Designed to Impress & Protect

Beyond their physical allure, decorative window films serve to protect private conversations and meetings by creating a visual barrier between outsiders and insiders – without appearing to be secretive or unwelcoming. These films also combat a large percentage of UV rays from making their way into the office, further safeguarding your employees from harmful radiation, uncomfortable pockets of heat and that annoying glare that seems to always come in from the windows.

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